About Aldobec techologies, Ltd.

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Aldobec technologies, Ltd., a member of group W.A.G. payment solutions a.s., is stable Slovak company. It develops, produces and sells high-quality systems for comprehensive vehicle tracking and fleet management in the European market. The interest of the company is to satisfy all client`s requirements and wishes. Employees working in Aldobec technologies, s.r.o. have several years of experiences in vehicle monitoring and navigation.  

The goal of company is to provide clients high-quality products and services, functionality and availability. The customers have option easily configure service according to their needs. Company`s effort is to bring clients effective solutions concluding European trends in car tracking.

Our services are used by many Slovak and foreign companies. On-line monitored are more than 15000 cars and trucks. Our products are distributed by several Slovak companies with national wide and neighboring countries coverage. In 2008 we became a strategic partner for DHL Express (Slovakia) company. For this firm we have developed complex system for managing and tracking of truck transport.

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  1. Clients and their needs on the first place
  2. Responsibility
  3. Professional attitude in procedures
  4. Product, service innovation
  5. Openness to new ideas and thoughts



Mission of Aldobec technologies, s.r.o. is to fulfill need of car owners for certain information and overview about car activity by tracking services. Company uses its experiences and know-how for helping clients to solve every day worries with vehicle/fleet.