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"System Dispecer is unique in that way, that provides active transport management and preview. No matter the GPS system provider." 

Pavol Brenčič, DHL Freight Slovakia

The term effectivity and security of international transport in this time is more important than anytime. No wonders. According to the European Union statistics, stolen cargo in EU represents the value of 8,2 bil. Euros per year. Trucks and haulers are no exceptions. Target of thieves is not only electronics, but also clothes, footwear, food, drugs and consumer goods. This is the reason, why carriers and freight companies are looking for solutions of vehicle security improving. One of these solutions is using reliable tracking system. It can provide exact information about vehicle location in the real time. But for freight companies information only about real time vehicle location is not sufficient.

Not only transparency, but also control

Mr. Rastislav Brenčič, Managing Director of DHL Freight Slovakia says that in the interest of the vehicle security is necessary actively to monitor vehicles during the transportation. „During the transportation of worthwhile goods (electronics) you have to have each moment of transportation under control. It is much simpler to react on the unexpected situation, when you exactly know where the vehicle is. Or if it has changed the route, what is the time remaining till planed unloading or what is the distance to the nearest secured parking. “Our company cooperates with more than 300 contractual carriers. The problem was that almost every carrier had different GPS system. So our aim was to find a way how to unite information coming from various sources. „System Dispecer is unique in that way, that provides active transport management and preview. No matter the GPS system provider. Dispecer can all incomes processes into one universal outcome where we can see all “our” vehicles. This is for us and our clients important added value,“ explains Mr. Brenčič.

Higher level of security

The main advantage of system Dispecer for clients of DHL Freight is evident – higher level of cargo security and real time information about cargo state. System offers lot of functions which simplifies work in vehicle control. It controls arrival time on loading destination, departure time from loading destination, route keeping, parking on authorized places and other parameters. In case of any deviation it informs dispatching of carrier company. It’s using lower probability that the problem occurs and it becomes more serious.

„Despite of the fact, that online monitoring and active truck management in carrier companies is standard in fleet management, in freight companies which don’t own vehicles is transport management new and basically rare situation. What is maybe consider to be unbelievable, most freight companies operated in Europe rely in vehicle/transport control only on information from carrier company or from driver. We in DHL consider ourselves to be innovators and I am very glad, that we had a chance to be developers of system Dispecer. We are very glad that we could offer its advantages to our clients as the first. I suppose that in the next time will active monitoring became for its contributions standard in our field. “says Brenčič.

Transport a logistika, 05/2010 p. 65