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"Monitoring of fuel consumption of machines has improved and safed plumbless money. System also fulfilled our quality demands and vehicle control.

Mrs. Viera Týlešová, AQUASTAV, a.s.

"System influenced mainly drivers, who don’t have to fill drive books manually. Data are available nonstop and everything is under control from one place." 

Martin Palička, HESTA spol. s.r.o.

"Besides mentioned benefits system provides us competitive advantage. We are able to report, very detailed, to our clients (significant pharmaceutical companies) transport conditions, route or client access." 

Ladislav  Čorňák, managing director INTEC PHARMA s.r.o.

"Company Aldobec technologies, s.r.o. is very open to solutions to our demands. I believe that in the future we will keep the openness in relationship between our companies and improve the system by other our ideas." 

Ing. Josef Machala, transport director TURANCAR