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"From the first days we have noticed positive results. It has brought more improvements like detailed vehicle monitoring, vehicle routes and performances.

Ing. Vladimír Gallo, Managing Director

COMBIN BANSKÁ ŠTIAVNICA, s.r.o. was established in 1992. It is modern construction company which creates constructions of high quality. During its development it has profiled itself as a stable prestigious company operated on the Slovak market. Business strategy is based on the principles of mutual confidence, stability and teamwork.

Main target of the company`s activity is making engineer, flat, citizen and transport constructions. Our company has own seat. It has built mechanized-repaired center, which serves for production. We cover us also service, fleet repairs, locksmithery, turning work, electrician work and joinery. We employ approximately 240 people including 45 people in transportation and construct machine performance fields.

Firm realizes construct activity mostly using its own sources. In transportation field it owns 27 referent vehicles different car marks, 28 vans (Renault, Peugeot, Mercedes, Opel), 23 trucks (Mercedes, Tatra, Skoda, Avia), 7 special vehicles (BUS, T815 UDS, mobile crane, T815 blast mixer, T815 CAS) and 20 machines (JCB4CX, wheel loaders CAT, LOCUST, Bobcat, excavators DH, Fiat, Cobelco).

Reserve searching has brought work rationalization

Administration and organization difficulty of number of vehicles as well as competition in construct field has asked in our company for work efficiency and costs optimalization. We have found a valuable reserve in transportation and construct mechanism performance field. Here was level of costs significantly influenced by man factor. We hasn’t have sufficiently monitored real costs compared to transport performance. It means that fuel consumption was only statistically evaluated by driver`s information about their performance, whereby we were unable to reach predefined reserves. Other problem was uncontrolled movement of our mechanisms on construct places/routes. Solution how to avoid influence of man factor on this state was put into practice nonstop control mechanism.

In April 2008 our organization decided for the purpose of rationalization and economic fleet management installs satellite tracking system Dispecer. From this system we have expected improvements in work efficiency, fuel cost decreasing, mechanisms and vehicle using.

Positive results

From the first days we have noticed positive results. It has brought more improvements like detailed vehicle monitoring, vehicle routes and performances, worked man-hours and basis for travelling expenses calculation. Now we can also monitor fuel state and consumption.

For our employees has become this system great help in vehicle performance tracking. System provides automatic generated drive book with detailed information about vehicle. System monitors also service intervals, displays statistics, monitor costs for individual orders.

In the future, we would like to use new functions of system Dispecer, mainly direct connection of monitoring units to control unit placed in vehicle. We expect exact data about RPM, engine temperature, load on the axle and other information about vehicle. Our interest is also control routes of our vehicles crossing highway and other charged ways.

System Dispecer has offered us complex preview and monitoring of vehicle activity.

Ing. Vladimír Gallo, Managing Director

Transport a logistika, 03/2010 p. 37