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Complex management and monitoring system

Transport management, active monitoring. Support more than 30 GPS systems. 

DHL Express (Slovakia) divízia Freight a Logistics, DHL Express (Czech republic) divízia Freight, EWALS CARGO CARE

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Transport companies with trucks

Monitoring system and complex vehicle evaluation (fuel control, drive book,...). 

Robert Tornyai - I.R.T., CHEMOSVIT CHEDOS, a.s., NCD s.r.o., Hermes s.r.o., Autotrans - E.K. s.r.o., STE, spol. s.r.o.


Complex system of construction company management

System for machine performance control.

Combin Banská Štiavnica, s.r.o., AQUASTAV, a.s.


Logistics and transport management

Extreme GPS monitoring.

DHL Express (Slovakia) divízia Express, HAMÉ SLOVAKIA spol. s r.o., MPC CESSI a.s.

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Business companies

Performance control and management. Business ride invoicing, certified Log book. 

MARKÍZA - SLOVAKIA spol. s r.o., UPC BROADBAND SLOVAKIA, s.r.o., Fenestra s.r.o., HESTA spol. s.r.o.

Operational companies

Complex management, monitoring, fuel control and employees performance evaluation.



Bus companies

Vehicle tracking and fuel control.

Turancar, s.r.o.