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Basic module: Drive book            
Basic module: Switching drive type            
Basic module: Driver`s logging            
Basic module: Interconnection with fuel companies            
Basic module: Automatic service event control            
Basic module: Statistics of drives            
Module of travelling expenses calculation            
Communication module            
Security module: Alarms            
Security module: Panic button            
Security module: Magnetic door sensor            
Temperature measurement module            
Fuel level and consumption module            
Transport management module            
Drive style evaluation            

Vehicle tracking can provide lot of useful information about vehicle and fleet management. Monitoring system Dispecer can inform you about activity of your vehicles and employees. Vehicle tracking at the real time allows you to control performance of your vehicle and employees. You have review about actual, maximal or average speed, moved kilometers. GPS monitors location of vehicle everywhere in Europe. You always know, where your vehicle is. Based on the gained data about vehicle system automatically generates drive book. System offers various outcomes – statistics and reports about performance of your employees and vehicles. You are also notified on various maintenance events. So you don’t forget for example to change car oil or tyres. Monitoring system is interconnected to many fuel companies like CCS, Esso, Shell, OMV, Slovnaft, Eurowag.