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Care about vehicle can’t be considered to be a low-cost business. Operational costs are increasing and with that comes question – how can I save money?

 1. Do you have reliable information about your vehicle?

Many vehicle owners make their own statistics, charts and tables about vehicle operation by their own. The problem of this statistics making is that data in these charts doesn’t have to be correct. The true is that some data can be gained from vehicle control unit, but for more detailed statistics are inappropriate. For high-quality statistics is necessary to have reliable tool providing data about vehicle, driver state and activity, weaknesses of company. For companies and efficiency improvement is mentioned data key factor.

2. Do you know the appropriate tool offering time and money saving?

Modern solution providing all needed information about vehicle is vehicle tracking by monitoring system Dispečer. Monitoring system gains data from vehicle via CAN-BUS and additional devices (GPS, fuel probe). This way can have user complex and real data about vehicle. By wide range of vehicle`s data, system offers above standard overview and save money, labor and time.

Monitoring system Dispečer offers saving in many fields:

  1. By using of communication console, driver can communicate with the dispatcher for free and in real time. This way of communication is suitable mainly for transport companies, which can save a lot of money.
  2. If the user of system wants to know, where the vehicle is, he doesn’t have to call to driver or write text message. Monitoring system can directly display location of vehicle on the route map. After this manner user saves time and doesn’t disturb the driver.
  3. Logging in the monitoring system Dispečer is very simple. User must have only internet and login. There are no installations necessary.
  4. System generates drive book, helps to calculate travelling expenses automatically and makes possible to export data to PDF and XLS files.
  5. In Service agenda are automatically monitored all events connected with vehicle care. System notices user to each event according to driven kilometers and spent time.
  6. For transport companies is very important data about fuel consumption, refueling and fuel level monitoring. Fuel probes placed in the fuel tank of vehicle provide long-term statistics about operational fuel costs per vehicle/fleet. Fuel level is monitored nonstop and each suspicious leakage is noticed.

Installed monitoring device is helpful also in case when the vehicle has become stolen. By the GPS data can be vehicle found. In car accidents system can provide all vehicle history.

If you want to reduce vehicle operational costs and have reliable and complex information about vehicle, we recommend you quality tool – monitoring and tracking system Dispečer.