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"After system implementation we noticed the costs decrease. We can quickly react on client`s demands and answer questions." 

Tibor Bugár, NCD s.r.o.

Company Tibor Bugár Autodoprava works in the transport market more than ten years. During its existence it has expanded from one vehicle to company with diversified structure of fleet. Company operates on the Slovak, Hungarian and Czech market, where drives 90 % of its vehicles. “We know this market very well and our partners are confident with our services, enriched about storing service. They perceive us as a reliable partner,” says Mr. Tibor Bugár, managing director of the company.

Close to clients

Fleet of company includes vehicles from 3,5 t, 7,5 t, 12 t, to 18 t. „Thank to diversified structure we are able to adapt to market conditions and react on the client`s needs, “ says Mr. Bugár. Prompt gaining of exact information is important for each business. In the first five years company management has gained information about vehicle location and situation on the route only via mobile phones. “We used to contact each driver to stay informed. For us it was enough because we had only few vehicles. Also costs were sustainable,” explains Mr. Bugár. But with fleet extension mentioned way has taken more money and time. Therefore company implemented monitoring system which used SIM cards. Comparing to previous state it was better but not yet according to company expectations.

New system approved

At present, company uses monitoring system Dispečer. “With this service we have positive experiences. It allows us to monitor location of our vehicle in Slovakia and abroad. It is also a source of practical information. It simplifies work of our employees and save time,” adds Mr. Bugár. System provides information about drives, location and route of vehicles, fuel consumption, it also generates drive book, etc. “After system implementation we noticed the costs decrease in communication. We can quickly react on client`s demands and answer questions,” comments Mr. Bugár.

System helps in complicated situations, whereas data are archived for few years. Using of system Dispečer is significant benefit in entrepreneurship. Thanks to it we are flexible, effective and competitive.

Tibor Bugár, managing director

 Transport a logistika, n. 1/2012 p. 31