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Our customers who are also transporters of the company Kuehne + Nagel SK or Kuehne + Nagel HU have a possibility to interconnect their vehicles by means of the Dispecer system with mentioned company.

For your simplier and faster communication with drivers in vehicles we have introduced new function into the system Dispečer - communication with drivers over the route map.

For each of your vehicle you can make a certificate declaring that your vehicle is secured by monitoring system. 

We have improved our monitoring system Dispečer. It is faster, more stable and with better system performance.

How insurance companies consider vehicles with monitoring system? We`ve asked them: „Are vehicles secured by monitoring system favored over vehicles without it or what is the difference in insurance of vehicle with and without monitoring.“ Here are the answers.

Our department of Support for customers is working more than two years. Number of users and questions is increasing. That was the reason why we have decided to hire new employee for support. This way how we want to provide you better services and be helpful.