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System Dispečer offers new tool for evidence of insured accidents connected with vehicle operation and driver`s work. User can notice all important insured accidents information and “keep itself to be in the picture”.

In our offer we have new monitoring unit – model of the year 2013, which contents lot of new components and improvements.

We provide you interesting way of financing vehicle monitoring by operational leasing. This way of financing doesn`t need any additional costs. Read more about its advantages and details. 

Monitoring system Dispečer provides information not only about vehicles, but also about drivers. Summary information about driver are displayed in new Driver`s card. This card is possible to open by double click on chosen row or by click on the pencil icon in Driver`s list.

Monitoring device in trucks and buses can be connected to CAN-BUS and so use gathered data in monitoring system for providing high quality information about vehicle.

Monitoring system Dispecer offers user easier control of fuelling process. Data about fuelling gathered from vehicles with fuel probes is possible to display in table Reports-Comparison of refueling.

In case of the car marks VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda is possible to gather information about vehicle more efficient.

Thank to interconnection with fuel companies has owner of vehicle/fleet process of refueling under control. Monitoring sytem Dispečer provides data about fuel level from various sources - gathering data about fueling from electronic outcomes and bills from fuel station.